I cannot get into my web mail e-mail?

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Created On: 20 Aug 2008 08:30 PM


Make sure you log into web mail by going to:
Make sure you login with your username as the entire email address.
For example: address@yourdomain.com with the password you've created.

Passwords for email cannot be retrieved. If forgotten they can only be reset.
To change/reset the password on an email account, login to your control panel

click on 'Email Accounts'

You should now see your new email account(s)

Options for the mail account are behind the email address

      • Delete - This option will delete the associated email account.
      • Change Quota - This will allow you to change the amount of disk space
        allocated to the associated email account.
      • Change Password - This will allow you to change the password of the
        associated email account.
      • Configure Mail Client - This will allow you to automatically configure
        your desktop mail client using the associated email account information,
        login, password and email address.

    • How to a manage email accounts tutorial

    If you you have forgotten the password the the domain control panel please have a look here