18 Jan 2019 
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 What is SiteStudio?
 SiteStudio is a program that allows you to create your own web site without knowing HTML or having a designer. It has premade templates you can select from to build your site. If you wish to request SiteStudio, please fill out the correct form below.
 Why are changes I made to my site not there?
 If the changes you made in SiteStudio do not reflect on your site, it is because your password for SiteStudio does not match the password for cPanel. Your cPanel password and username must always match what you submitted when you requested the SiteStud
 How do I create a separate SiteStudio for addon domains or subdomains?
 We are sorry, this is not possible to do, unless you are a reseller or create a completely separate account. If you are on a shared hosting plan, your only options would be to upgrade to a reseller plan or purchase an additional shared plan.
 How do I request SiteStudio website builder for one of my sites?
 If you wish to request SiteStudio, please fill out the correct form below. Request SiteStudio installation here.
 Do you have a demo I can test or give to my customers to test?
 Yes, please use the following link to our SiteStudio site: http://webpagedesigning.com
 How much is site studio?
 SiteStudio is free with any normal hosting plan. SiteStudio is $9.95 onetime fee per site for resellers and dedicated customers.
 Why is there a fee for SiteStudio if I am a reseller?
 Believe it or not, we lose money supporting SiteStudio due to the support costs, license costs, and other items we have to pay for it to run it. On our normal plans, it is built into our cost. On the reseller plans, we have no way to control how many peop
 Why are pages on my site not loading the correct page?
 If this is happening, you need to go into SiteStudio and: 1. Click "Site Map" 2. Click the "Settings" icon on the first page listed. 3. Change the "File Name:" to be whatever is on that page. 4. After you change the filename scroll to the bottom and
 Why isn't SiteStudio working?
 Please run through the following check list to make sure all elements are met: 1. Please make sure you have requested Site Studio from us. https://in
 Where do I login to SiteStudio
 If SiteStudio was setup for your domain you login here: http://webpagedesigning.com
 To whom does webpagedesigning.com belong?
 WebPageDesigning.com is our site where we have SiteStudio installed on and the domain belong to us.
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