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 FTP settings
  FTP Settings If your domain is brand new or your domain needs to be updated to our servers you will need to use the IP address that we gave as "host name" with your FTP program. Use th
 FTP tutorials
 Please see here our FTP tutorials
 Free FTP programs
 Free FTP programs If you do not already have an ftp client/program we suggest you download one of the free ones. There are many ftp programs on the market but the ones below are free. Wi
 Why am I not allowed to upload files?
 Make sure you are uploading to the right web directory, which is inside the public_html or www folder. If you're sure you're uploading to the right folder, you are probably out of disk space. To check your disk space please login to your domain contr
 FTP step-by-step videos for various programs.
  » FTP Flash Movie Tutorials FileZilla 1. Configuring you
 Why does my FTP fail to connect?
 If your FTP progam is not connecting properly, here are some possible reasons: 1. Your firewall could be blocking it. 2. Make sure you have the yourdomain.com or IP address in your welcome email for host name (only the numbers don't add ftp, www
 Why is my FTP is really slow or disconnects often
 Go into your FTP options and see if passive mode is checked,if it is, uncheck it. If it is not checked, try checking it. This should solve your problem, assuming the issue is not with your actual connection to the Internet.
 If you are behind a router enable passive FTP mode
 If you are behind a router, please enable passive FTP mode.
 Web FTP / browser-based FTP - IE
 How to use browser-based FTP (also known as WebFTP or Web FTP) in Internet Explorer: Input one of the following URLs into your Address Bar, replacing the credentials listed with your account information: ftp://usernam
 This Application can work along your Mac server and run perl scripts. Also great for developing scripts for other servers* MacPerl http://www.macperl.com/
 I am unable to log in to control panel or ftp
 If you are unable to log in to control panel or ftp is likely do to an incorrect password or your password is the same (or part) as your user name. Passwords cannot be the same as your user name or part of your user name. If you have forgotten or
 My cPanel password does not work, it will not let me login
 If you are unable to log into control panel or ftp is likely do to an incorrect password or your password is the same (or part) as your user name. Passwords cannot be the same as your user name or part of your user name. If you have forgotten or
 Web Hosting Quick Start: Members section (DNS, Email, FTP, cPanel)
  The following information is intended for InternetPlanners.com customers that have purchased a web hosting account
 Can I upload without without FTP program - Uploading files
 An easy way to upload without an FTP program: Go to your domain control panel (http://replace-with-your-domain.com/cpanel) click on the File Manager click/open Web Root (public_html/www) This will take you to
 My Site not active after I just uploaded my site?
 I have uploaded my site but when I go to/browse to my http://replace-with-your-domain.com/ I get the following message. Not Found - The requested URL /index.html was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 NotFound error was enco
 I uploaded an Index.htm file but it doesn't show up as the index. What's wrong?
  The problem here is one of cAsE sEnSiTiViTy. UNIX/Linux use of UPPER/lower case and will recognize Index.htm and index.htm as referring to two distinctly different files. If the Index.htm file is renamed to index.htm using all lower case and is uploa
 Where should I upload the files which make up my web site?
 The public_html folder is your root web accessable directory so all files which you wish to have viewable via a web browser must be stored within public_html. This doesn't mean that you have to store all of your files in the
 How To Change a File’s Permissions using cPanel
 Here is how to change file permissions using cPanel: log into cPanel look for File Manager and follow the link you will get a window that says Please select a directory to open: and a number of
 Chmod Calculator
  Chmod Calculator Many FTP programs give you something that looks like this to set chmod permissions.This may help you try it out first and find out if you really are setting the right permissions.
 Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING
 Question: We just set up a new website and when trying to start the process of uploading the website pages we get this message when visiting the site Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/username/public_html/my_site_name/index.html
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