18 Jan 2019 
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 A Standard for Robot Exclusion
 A Standard for Robot Exclusion Introduction WWW Robots (also called wanderers or spiders) are programs that traverse many pages in the World Wide Web by recursively retrieving linked pages. In 1993 and 1994 there have been occasions whe
 Robots META tags
  HTML Guide to the Robots META tag. The Robots META tag is a simple mechanism to indicate to visiting Web Robots if a page should be indexed, or links on the page should be followed. It differs from the
 How do I use a robots.txt file to control access to my site?
 Removing your entire website using a robots.txt file You can use a robots.txt file to request that search engines remove your site and prevent robots from crawling it in the future. (It's important to note that if a robot disco
 Search Engine for your web site - Entropy Search
 Entropy Search Entropy Search search enginecan be found by logging into your domain control panel (http://replace-with-your-domain.com/cpanel) Go to the CGI-Center This script enables a ni
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