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 How to set up a Mailing List in cPanel

You may want to set up a mailing list to send an email to many people.
You can always send it by “CC” or “BCC” but everyone will see who
else it is being sent to. This is where you need to set up a mailing list.
There are many mailing list scripts on the internet, but if you need a
mailing list on the fly, cPanel actually has a mailing list feature built
into it. It uses Mailman as its primary mailing list software.
To set up a mailing list in cPanel, please do the following:

login to cPanel (http://replace-with-your-domain.com/cpanel)

1. Click on the mail icon
2. Click on mailing lists
3. Click on add a mailing list
4. Fill in some details, such as mailing list name, password and choose which domain you would like to associate it with.
5. Click the Go Back button, and choose the edit option next to the mailing list you created.

You have now set up a mailing list through cPanel.

Instead of using mailing list in cPanel we recommmend that you use Constant Contact for your mailing list and use the 60 Free trial.
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