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 Search Engine for your web site - Entropy Search

Entropy Search

Entropy Search search enginecan be found by logging into your domain control panel
Go to the CGI-Center

This script enables a nice, quick search engine that can help your visitors find information that they are interested in more easily. The larger the site, the more important the search engine becomes.

Warning: This search engine searches all of the ASCII (text) files on your site. This includes HTML, PERL, plain text files, etc. Since there is no way to limit the search engine, if any of these files contain sensitive information, either encrypt the files or remove them from your site. This is a smart move anyway - you should not store sensitive information on your web site without encryption.

To create an Entropy search engine:


Click on the Rebuild Search Index link under Entropy Search in the CGI Center area. This creates (or recreates) the index file that the search engine uses to find information.


Click on the Back button on your browser and click on the Setup Search Engine link.

Copy and paste the HTML code into your web page.

Use the Search Query field to test the script.

This is the minimum you need to do to get the script working - upload the file, and you're finished.

You can alter the appearance of the search engine template at any time.

To edit the search engine template:


Click on the Setup Search Engine link in the CGI Center area.

Click on the Edit Search Results Template link.

Copy and paste any HTML code that you want into the template to alter it's appearance.

Warning: Make sure you do not delete the <cgi> tag. This will cause the script to stop working.

Click on the Save button.

Use the Search Query field to test the script.
Click to display imageTesting the Entropy search engine

Upload the finished HTML page

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