21 Nov 2018 
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 Can I upload without without FTP program - Uploading files

An easy way to upload without an FTP program:

Go to your domain control panel

click on the File Manager
click/open Web Root (public_html/www)
This will take you to the public_html directory/folder
The public_html is the directory where all your files go into.

At the top of the screen click on "upload" and it
will open a pop up window.
Please select files to upload to /home/yourusername/public_html
Click on browse and navigate on your PC where the file is located
Repeat this with all files and images you want to upload.

Please see the "File Manager" tutorial here

It is good that you keep all naming of files and images in lowercase.
EVERYTHING on the server is case sensitive. DO NOT use spaces when
naming files and directories, use underscores like this_is_my_imagefile.gif

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