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 How does a website work?
Solution How does a website work?

This is the information for users who are looking to get a website but not sure what needs to be done.

For a website to work, it should have a physical space, which is called 'web hosting' and need to register the domain, which is called Domain registration.

Web Hosting:
You need to host the domain on a server but someone else can host the same domain on another server, as hosting is neither unique nor managed centrally; it is actually managed by individual hosting provider. Hence, it is a requirement to register the domain to make sure your domain points to hosting server where you have hosted the domain. Hence, it does not matter if the domain is hosted on another server but the web browser will bring the contents from the server where the domain is pointing.

Domain Registration:
Domain registration is centrally managed and one domain can not be owned by two different entities at the same time.

Name servers: (also called DNS)
You may hear this or find it in your hosting welcome email but not everyone is familiar to this term. Name servers basically are the connecting bridge between Web Hosting and Domain registration. Hence, you need to use the name servers provided by web hosting to point a domain the server. Your domain is like a mobile home, you pick it up and put it on a new lot. That is done by adding the correct name servers on your domain registration.

Our name servers are ns.yournethost.com and ns2.yournethost.com

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