20 Nov 2018 
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 Search Engine Optimisation
Solution If you wish to try you own optimisation to promote your web site, then you should design your site with search engines in mind. The following areas should be considered.
(This information is given in good faith and is part of generally available recommendations, but the major search engines frequently change their ranking parameters and only professional optimisers are likely to stay abreast of these changes)

  1. Make sure your <title> tag contains keywords but is still a readable phase. Best to have them at the beginning of the Title too. Your title should be less than 80 characters.
  2. There should be ideally at least 200 words of text on page. Your keywords should be within this text but within reason so the text is readable and useful.
  3. Headings - use <h1>, <h2> tags etc. to form your titles. These titles should of course have keywords. You can change the style of these using style sheets.
  4. Alt tags - Your images should have alt descriptions with relevant keywords.
  5. <meta> tags - Meta Keywords and Meta Descriptions are not nearly as important as they once were but should be added.
  6. Links - Links ideally should be as descriptive as possible using your keywords. If the link is an image not text use the alt tags. You can also use the 'description' tag e.g. <a href="page.html" description="Useful information">Information</a>
  7. Filenames - It is helpful to have filenames containing keywords.
  8. Domain Names - Consider have keywords in you domain. Separating them with a hyphen can be harder to say but easier for search engines to read.
  9. Try and get other sites to link to you this will help your search engine rankings. Try and get links on sites related to yours.
  10. Get yourself in directories such as the Open Directory
  11. Don't forget to publish your web site address on any printed material.

Submitting to Search Engines

When your site is ready head for the following pages to submit your site:

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