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 Can I transfer my site from another web host? Will there be any downtime?

Sure, and we can even help out. InternetPlanners.com can host your site and will even take the necessary steps to avoid any downtime during the transfer. In order to do this, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Order the web hosting package that best suits your needs, while making sure you've selected the "transfer" option.
  2. Wait for our confirmation e-mail containing all the connection details.
  3. Connect to our servers by FTP, using the IP address or host name we sent you.
  4. Upload all your files in the "public_html" directory, and change the name of your home page file to "index.html" (and update your links if necessary!).
  5. Create email accounts or set up email forwarders
  6. If your domain name is registered with another registrar, tell them to change your DNS name servers to ns.yournethost.com and ns2.yournethost.com (or do it yourself using their members interface). If you also transferred your domain name to us, send us an email telling us you're finished transferring your site and we'll update your domain name info so that it links to your new server. (ns.yournethost.com and ns2.yournethost.com are the name servers to be used.
    If you have trouble please provide (hosting support) us the user name and password and login url of your registrar and we will make the DNS change for you at no costs.

If needed, we can perform this transfer of your web site files for you at a modest cost. This includes the transfer of all your files. Contact us (billing) for a quote.

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