18 Jan 2019 
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 Why has my web site/account has been suspended?
Solution In all likelihood (99.9% of the time) your account has been suspended due to non-payment of hosting fees. We apologize for the inconvenience. Possible your email address has been changed and you have not updated your account to reflect your new email address and that is why possible you have not received our overdue notices. To change your payment information and to make payments you login into your billing area:

When logged in click select:
My Details
Change Credit Card
Choose Card type: Amex/Visa/MasterCard/Discover
Enter Your Credit Card Number
Enter Credit Card Expiration Date

There is no need to notify us when you update your information.

Once payment has been made your account will automatically be un-suspended. There is no need to contact us once you have made payment. You site will come alive again in about 15 minutes. Possible you did not receive the many overdue notices we have emailed for various reasons It is important you keep your account up to date with working email address and credit card. In case you have problems, you may provide new credit card information using this link on our secure server. https://internetplanners.com/payment/paymentupdate.htm

On rare occasions your account might have been suspended for other reasons.

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