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 What do I put for both incoming and outgoing mail server?
Solution POP3 incoming mail server: mail.yourdomain.com (replace yourdomain.com with your domain)
SMTP outgoing mail server: mail.yourdomain.com
We also support port 587 instead of 25
(select My Server Requires Authentication)

It is possible you NEED to use the outgoing smtp from local dial-up/internet
Example: smtp.comcast.net Please contact your local provider to
get this setting. (see list below)
When using your ISP smtp select My Server Requires Authentication and
under 'settings' you enter the user name and password from your ISP.

Some Internet Services are taking steps to help combat junk email and spam
and have implemented outbound email SMTP port controls by blocking Port 25.
You need to use their outgoing smtp. Below a list of Internet Providers smtp's.
If needed please check with your Internet Provider what setting you need to use.

The SMTP server is a configuration setting within all pop E-mail applications like
as Eudora, Microsoft Outlook, Entourage, Mail, Netscape, Thunderbird etc.
The SMTP server setting must be configured correctly or outgoing mail will
not be sent. (Normally, checking mail will still work if the SMTP server
is not configured correctly within your pop mail application).

MAIL SETTINGS (This list might not be accurate, please contact your internet provider)
Carrier Server Address
Adelphia mail.adelphia.net
America Online (AOL) smtp.aol.com or mail.yourdomainname.com and change port 25 to port 587
Atlantic Broadband smtp.atlanticbb.net
AT&T (Broadband) mail.attbi.com
AT&T (Dialup) smtp1.attglobal.net
AT&T Worldnet mailhost.worldnet.att.net or imailhost.worldnet.att.net
BCPL mail.bcpl.net
Bellatlantic gtei.bellatlantic.net or smtpout.verizon.net>
Bellatlantic.net smtpout.bellatlantic.net
Bellsouth mail.bellsouth.net
Bestweb smtp.bestweb.net
Blazenet smtp.blazenet.net
Cable One mail.cableone.net
CAIS smtp.cais.net
CAPU smtp.capu.net
Charm.net smtp.charm.net
Charter Communications smtp.charter.net
Comcast smtp.comcast.net
Compuserve smtp.compuserve.com or smtp.site1.csi.com
Concentric.net smtp.concentric.net
Covad smtp.covad.net
Cox West smtp.west.cox.net(west coast users)
Cox Central   smtp.central.cox.net (central users)
Cox East   smtp.east.cox.net(east coast users)
Cox Business smarthost.coxmail.com
Crosslink smtp.crosslink.net
DCANET smtp-relay.dca.net
Delmarva Online mail-gw.dmv.com
Delta Net smtp.deltanet.com
Direcway smtp.direcway.com
DSL Extreme smtp.dslextreme.com
Earthlink Network mail.earthlink.net or smtp.earthlink.net
Earthlink Network
(International only)
Edge.net mail.edge.net
Enter smtp.enter.net
EROLS mail.erols.com
Ezy smtp.ezy.net
Flashcom mail.flashcom.net or smtp.flashcom.net
Frontline.net smtp.fcc.net
Gateway.net smtp.Gateway.net
GTI mail.gti.net
HotMail mail.hotmail.com
IBM.Global net smtp1.ibm.net
ioNet Inc mail.ionet.net
Interaccess.com smtp.interaccess.com
Internet America mail.airmail.net
ITOL mail.itol.com
Juno smtp.juno.com
Mediacom mail.mchsi.com
Mediaone.net smtp.ce.medione.net
MegaPath mail.megapathdsl.net
MCI mailrelay.mciworldcom.net mailrelay.internetmci.com
Mindspring smtp.mindspring.com
MSN smtp.email.msn.com
Nauticom mail.nauticom.net
Netcom smtp.ix.netcom.com
Netcom (Canada) smtp.netcom.ca
Netscape smtp.isp.netscape.com
NetZero smtp.netzero.net
NYU.edu smtp.nyu.edu
OLG.com mail.olg.com
OPTOnline Internet Service mail.optonline.net
Pacbell mail.pacbell.net
Patriot Media smtp.patmedia.net
Pipeline smtp.pipeline.com
Prodigy smtp.prodigy.net
PSI.net relay.smtp.psi.net
PTD.net promail.ptd.net port 25
QIS mail.qis.net
Qwest Internet Service pop.dnvr.qwest.net
RCN smtp.rcn.com
Rider.edu enigma.rider.edu
RoadRunner smtp-server.<your-region>.rr.com
SBC Global smtp.sbcglobal.net
SBC Global Yahoo smtp.sbcglobal.yahoo.com
MemberID@ameritech.net pop.ameritech.yahoo.com smtp.ameritech.yahoo.com
MemberID@flash.net pop.flash.yahoo.com smtp.flash.yahoo.com
MemberID@nvbell.net pop.nvbell.yahoo.com smtp.nvbell.yahoo.com
MemberID@pacbell.net pop.pacbell.yahoo.com smtp.pacbell.yahoo.com
MemberID@prodigy.net pop.prodigy.yahoo.com smtp.prodigy.yahoo.com
MemberID@sbcglobal.net pop.sbcglobal.yahoo.com smtp.sbcglobal.yahoo.com
MemberID@snet.net pop.snet.yahoo.com smtp.snet.yahoo.com
MemberID@swbell.net pop.swbell.yahoo.com smtp.swbell.yahoo.com
MemberID@wans.net pop.wans.yahoo.com smtp.wans.yahoo.com
Smallville Communications   mail.toto.net
SNiP mail.snip.net
Spectrum DSL mail.webstable.com
SprintLink smtp.a001.sprintmail.com
Sprynet m6.sprynet.com
Starpower smtp.starpower.net
Sympatico mailhost.sk.sympatico.ca
UMBC smtp.gl.umbc.edu
USA.NET mail.netaddress.usa.net
US Internet smtp.usit.net
UUNet mail.uu.net
Verizon Internet Services outgoing.verizon.net or smtpout.verizon.net
Wide Open West smtp.mail.wideopenwest.com
XO Communications mail.njd.xo.com or smtp.concentric.net
Yahoo smtp.mail.yahoo.com
Ziplink smtp.ziplink.net

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