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 What is my CGI-BIN
Solution So, there it is the cgi-bin.

That name is from 'back in the day', when most
of the CGI scripts were not scripts at all - they were binaries...
get it? BINaries. So there's the 'bin' part. CGI means 'common gateway
interface', which is a system allowing many different coding languages
to interact with the web server through the same standard set of protocols.

Why is it there? Well, quite basically, it allows you to run CGI
scripts. The cgi-bin/ directory has special permissions set that
allow execution, so that the .pl and .cgi files can act as programs
instead of simple parsed text.

So, if you are yourdomain.com,

If you are installing CGI scripts please use this information.
Path to Perl

Your home directory for CGI scripts


The send mail for CGI scripts
/usr/sbin/sendmail -t

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